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Buy Apple iPhone 13 Mini at the Best Price in UAE, Dubai

When iPhone 13 Mini was launched in the UAE market, it impressed the users with an amazing set of features. It is the smallest and the least expensive as well iPhone, incorporating a top-notch camera, long battery life, excellent performance, and more. Though this model suffers from minor drawbacks such as smaller screen size, this smartphone is still worth your attention, if you are looking for a smaller and less expensive iPhone.

Usually, experts advise customers to buy iPhone 13, but if you can trade a bit of battery life with size, iPhone mini is the smallest full-blooded, and powerful smartphone you will ever buy in the market. Here in this blog, we will be giving a comprehensive review of Apple’s smartphone, so that you can make a well-informed decision.  Let's cut the crap and jump directly to the salient features of the Apple iPhone 13 Mini.

What Makes iPhone 13 Mini the Boss of Small Phones: 

Here are some prominent features that make this Apple phone a worth investing device.

Body and Design: 

It is 5.2 by 2.5 by 0.3 inches which makes it one of the smallest premium smartphones. Furthermore, it weighs only 5.0 ounces which means you will carry the lightest iPhone as well. By size and weight, it is comparable with the iPhone 12 Mini with only differences are smaller notch on the front and diagonally placed cameras.

High-End Display:

iPhone 13 Mini comes with a Super Retina XDR display that is capable of delivering 2,340 x 1,080 pixels. It has an all-screen OLED display that provides a real high-end mini TV resolution. With a maximum brightness level of 1,200 nts and 476 PPI, this OLED display of iPhone Mini offers the infinite contrast level you will ever experience.

Camera Quality:

The camera quality of iPhone 13 mini is almost identical to iPhone 12 Mini except that it comes with a larger primary sensor for low light photography and diagonally-placed cameras. However, when it comes to video, 13 Mini is equipped with Cinematic Video Mode, allowing users to record videos with greater accuracy and depth, giving it a 3D appearance.

The quality of the camera in terms of brightness, sharpness, and color accuracy is impressive, it can even be compared with Apple iPhone 14 Pro. This iPhone can meet all of your everyday photographic and videographic needs such as capturing selfies, food pics, and street photography perfectly.

Battery Life:

As it is a smaller-sized smartphone, it has a low-capacity 2406 mAh battery that provides comparatively less battery life as compared to the Apple iPhone 13 and other full-sized iPhone models. Having said that the fact it is equipped with an A15 Bionic chipset, 13 Mini certainly gives enough battery time for everyday tasks.

 For instance, you can enjoy day-long timing for less-intensive tasks checking Instagram, instant messaging, making calls including video calls, etc. Furthermore, instant charging compensates for this drawback to a large extent. You can also charge it wirelessly by using a standard Qi charger. 


Like its standard version which is iPhone 13, this Apple’s iPhone mini also comes with a powerful A15 Bionic chip processor, offering you a solid performance within a small form factor. A15 bionic chipset gives you power to perform processor-intensive tasks quite smoothly such as editing 4K video with 60 frames per second, playing games, and editing captured images.

This powerful chipset allows users to avoid issues such as thermal throttling and overheating. What’s more, this iPhone helps you to experience the same performance as that of base models, allowing you to enjoy matchless performance at a comparatively lower price.

Other Highlighted Features of iPhone 13 Mini:

Here are some other, but equally important and striking features of this Apple smartphone: 

  1. It is equipped with a Ceramic Shield. This shield makes this smartphone one of the toughest mobile in the market.
  2. iPhone 13 Mini is powered by iOS 15. This is future-oriented software, offering easy navigation and smooth functionality.
  3. It comes with 128GB storage in the base model, allowing you to enjoy an improved performance-to-price ratio.

Comparison Between iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 12 Mini:

As it has earlier been noted the iPhone 13 Mini has similar features compared to the iPhone 12 Mini, but there are some areas where the 12 MIni has a clear advantage over the 13 MIni.

Here is a brief table:


Features Compared  Apple iPhone 13 Mini  Apple iPhone 12 Mini 
Processor  A15 Bionic Chipset A14 Bionic Chipset 
Battery Life  19 h at max at video playback  17 h at max at video playback 
Display  Super Retina XDR Display  Super Retina Display OLED 
Camera  Advanced dual camera, ultra-wide Dual-camera system, ultra-wide
Screen Size  5.4 inches 5.4 inches
Storage 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB


Final Verdict: 

Overall, iPhone 13 mini is a powerful and reliable device. It can allow you to enter into the Apple ecosystem at a comparatively lower price. Moreover, it is compact and inconspicuous. Therefore, if you are looking for an Apple iPhone with having smaller size, the Apple 13 mini must be your first choice. Other alternatives such as iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone SE 2022 offer fewer functionalities and look outdated when they are compared with this device. No doubt there are some shortcomings such as battery life, but it can be compensated by quick charging.

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FAQs for the Apple iPhone 13 Mini

Yes, it does. It has in its box a USB-C to Lightening Cable that gives support to fast charging.
It can last up to 19 hours.
No, iPhone 13 Mini is durable and comes with Ceramic Shield, which makes it the one of the toughest iPhones in the market. But still you need to take good care of your iPhone.
iPhone 13 Mini weights only 140 grams.
It is available in midnight, starlight, pink, blue and product red.