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Huawei Software 8270G986 LIC-4IN1-12-USG5560-1 IPS
Huawei Accessory 0235G6HU USG5560-AC USG5560 Stand
Huawei Software 8270G9DY LIC-4IN1-12-USG5520S-1 IP
Huawei Accessory 0235G7DS USG5520S-AC USG5520S Sta
Huawei Accessory 0235G7F7 USG9560-BASE-DC-V3 Basic
Huawei 0235G7F7_88134UFJ_1 HiCare Standard 9x5xNBD
Huawei Network 02359519 USG6620 AC Host 8GE(RJ45)+
Huawei Vendor Extended Warranty 02359456-88134UJL-
Huawei Software License 8270G9XC LIC-IPSAVURL-12-U

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