MacBooks have cemented themselves as one of the most popular laptops available. They have given tough competition to window-based laptops and in some areas, they outperform them as well. But their high cost sometimes puts managers in the dilemma of whether they are worth such a huge investment or not.

Here are some distinct advantages and disadvantages. They will enable business managers to make informed decisions.

Pros of Using MacBooks:

These devices are recognized worldwide for their reliability, ease of use, and flexibility. They are ranked consistently as top-performing WiFi devices by different organizations.

Here are some reasons that explain the wild popularity of Ubiquiti Access Points.

1- Integrated and Seamless Experience:

The Apple ecosystem is one of the major reasons behind the popularity of MacBooks and other Apple devices. Apple ecosystem comprises all Apple devices, apps, and operating systems including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Mac, iCloud, and Apple Music. Users can easily move between these devices and resume work exactly where they leave on another device or easily share files and data among Apple devices. This seamless and integrated experience has always been a major factor responsible for the better performance and productivity of MacBooks.

2- Strong Security Features:

MacBook devices are equipped with several strong security features. For instance, Gatekeepers for allowing only trusted software to be installed on MacBooks, FileVault encrypts the entire hard drives of MacBooks, Touch ID prevents unauthorized access to devices, T2 security provides an additional layer of security and many other features make MacBooks one of the most secure laptops available on the market.

3- The Most Immersive Experience:

The high-end audio, video, and typing experience mean that you would have the most immersive experience. The Retina Display gives higher pixel density and sharper images, the scissor-switch keys are designed in a way that key travel and spacing make typing experience extremely comfortable. The audio quality of the MacBook outperforms its window-based competitors.

4- Reliability and Durability:

MacBooks have not only industry-leading hardware components in terms of performance, but they are also reliable, sturdy, and durable as well. Retina Display, Solid State Drives, powerful processors, and aluminum unibody design (which makes MacBook significantly resistant to wear and tear) mean that MacBooks can last six years or more even with regular and moderate care. Furthermore, Apple gives a one-year warranty to all components which further adds to the reliability and durability of MacBooks.

5- Design and Social Prestige:

On top of these features, MacBook devices have a very sleek and elegant design. MacBooks are designed in a way that software and hardware work in perfect combination and in a seamless manner for ensuring a user-friendly and intuitive experience. Needless to say that MacBooks do carry social prestige and cachet. People carrying MacBooks are generally viewed as stylish and creative and successful as well.

But it is not always rainbows and butterflies. MacBooks do have some drawbacks and limitations you should be aware of before purchasing them.

1- MacBooks Are Prohibitively Expensive:

The high-quality components and other advanced features mean that MacBook devices are very expensive. Only premium users can afford them, the users on a budget should not buy them. If you are looking for the most value for your investment, window-based laptops can provide more features than MacBooks.

2- Limited Hardware Upgrade:

Apple has a closed hardware system that applies to all its devices including MacBooks. In most cases, components are integrated into the devices and you don’t have many options for hardware upgrades like increasing storage or getting memory. You will have no option but to buy a new MacBook which obviously proves very costly.

3- Limited Number of Ports:

MacBook models don’t have many ports which sometimes becomes very frustrating for users who need to use multiple devices or peripherals with the laptops. Ports are mix-and-match situations between different MacBook models. For instance, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro come on the market with only two USB C-Type ports. Though, there are newer models which HDMI and SD slots, the ports are still very few in comparison with other window-based laptops.

4- Poor Gaming Performance:

MacBook models are designed to meet the requirements of productivity and creativity. They perform poorly when it comes to gaming. Though they can handle some games, they struggle to meet the requirements of running demanding titles.

5- Storage Constraints:

As a thumb rule, MacBooks are not designed to handle large amounts of data. If you want to upgrade the storage, it will cost you a lot.

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